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  • Understand the science behind your everyday negotiation

    Around 80% of your daily conversations are negotiations, although you probably don’t see them that way. Let us show you how influential your biology is when interacting and help you to understand how to use your innate chemicals to influence others and get your best possible outcome.

  • Company Cortex focuses on understanding the science behind your everyday negotiation, conversation and interaction, by using pioneering neuroscience research to support all our training. Whether you want training for general negotiation and communication skills, or for a specific high profile upcoming negotiation, we can facilitate and consult with you.

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Women in Negotiation

The core of this training programme focuses on how women’s innate chemical reactions and biological makeup impacts on their negotiation style and how it influences others in cross gender negotiations. Learn More Here

Gender in Negotiation

The core of our mixed gender training programme is focused on understanding the impact gender has on our actions by creating a greater awareness of why we behave and interact the way we do. Learn More Here

The science of Communication

The core of our communication training course focuses on how to improve your daily interactions, while learning how to build relationships and create trust with both colleagues and clients. Learn More Here

Company Ready

Graduate training and preparation for those leaving school or higher education and looking to work in companies or start their own business. This course teaches vital life skills such as how to negotiate and communicate effectively, how to be productive and engaged at work as well as building confidence to speak up in meetings and on the phone. Learn More Here

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  • Benefits our training programmes include…

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    Understanding your unique physiology to successfully interact while building trusting and supportive relationships (internally and externally).

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    Learning how to maximise your innate strengths and develop skills to reduce weaknesses.

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    Learn how to negotiate and communicate effectively!

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    Explore a new perspective of negotiation and communication with the understanding of the vital role neuroscience plays in business.

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    To understand not only who the other party is but to also truly understand who you are in order to maximise outcomes.

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I've done Harvard, Getting to Yes...and this is better! 

I very much enjoyed the course and feel this will aid me within my day to day work. I believe other companies could benefit from this training

  • Publisher and Brand Manager

  • General Manager

A fantastic training session that my whole team continues to speak highly of. A passionate and enthusiastic facilitator combined with original and relevant content makes this course a must! 

Very interactive and engaging. I found it very relevant to our workplace and implementation. 

  • Regional Manager

  • HR Director